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Scalenohedral Love

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This is the very first song I made with my new Kurzweil keyboard in early 1997. Nothing too profound I guess, just a fun dance song. I remember the next year, after I had discovered that I was Hildegard, I was in Tower Records asking for help with finding some recordings of her music. A nice young guy was enthusiastic in pointing them out, so I went a step further and said playfully, "I hear that Hildegard is reincarnated now and making techno." He said with disdain, "That's ridiculous," and walked away. Of course I would agree that it was ridiculous, but not for the same reasons. My mission in life is not to make techno music, but it was fun to try! I think it's pretty danceable. The female voices are prepackaged samples, and the classic male computer voice is saying letters of the alphabet that make words.

The title is not meant to be too obscure. I love calcite scalendohedrons. Calcite is one of the softest sweetest mineral energies, coming in perhaps the greatest variety of crystal shapes and colors of any stone. It's quite common, composing seashells and much of sedimentary rock (hardened mud and ocean sediments), and has amazing functions in organisms. We have calcite microcrystals in our pineal gland, which is behind the third eye and greatly involved with our evolution to become cocreators with the spiritual world. Though quartz serves more visibly as the power tool in metaphysics, calcite makes a great representative for the variety and vulnerability of human souls as they move toward manifesting the perfected crystalline humanity which aligns with divine universal order. Scalenohedrons are one common crystal form of calcite, and are made from irregularly shaped (scalene) triangles repeated 12 times around a center to form a kind of double ended pyramid or cone. In many contexts, the number twelve comes up repeatedly as the total facets, or essential selves, of a human psyche. What a lovely symbol calcite gives us then for how the uneven human trinity of body, spirit, and soul can still form a regular solid around the very heart of God. That's scalenohedral love!

"Scalenohedral Love" music by Carl Johann Schroeder, copyright 1997, all rights reserved, downloadable version for personal use only, no resale or commercial rights implied. Animated scalenohedral mascot from 1997 is named "Toby No Talon", ie. to be not alone. All images copyright Carl Johann Schroeder.

Cobaltian calcite crystals,
such a lovely pink,
from Musongi Mine, West of Kolwezi,
Shaba, Zaire, Africa

Clear large calcite crystal
on bed of smaller crystals,
La Aurola Mine,
San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Very large honey-colored
calcite intergrowth,
Pugh Quarry, Custer, Ohio, USA

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