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Young teen Carl playing guitar. After my first guitar lesson when I was about 12, I suddenly wrote my first song, a call to the utopia: "Do you think that someday we will ever find, a world as beautiful as mine? And do you think that someday we will ever see, a world of happiness and peace?"
Songs for the Soul of Hildegard
Few people have ever heard my music, because it's imperfect, home made, and privately crafted to express and transform from my soul. Above all I needed to return to God, so I had to solve the puzzle of my life with art, music, and poetry to help me get there. Now I'm back in the world and ready to share! Enjoy what's below, and here's a link to more comments on Hildegard. Remember, your soul doesn't require perfection, your soul just needs you to sing from your heart to join the Eternal Song!

Vocals and folk (rough sketches so you can learn them too)
  1. “Inner Balance” = my newest happiest lifestyle song for 2015
  2. “Be The Difference” = a spiritual protest song to sing and share with friends!
  3. “Heaven Now” = my 2012 song for personal hope and change
  4. “The Miracle Yew” = love's miracle ballad in old English style
  5. “Your Thoughts and Feelings Matter” = lullaby for a waking world
  6. “Spring Round” = round singing to restore the garden
  7. "Om Shiva Kali Shakti Krishna" = song for kirtan in the new creation
  8. “The Ballad of Jakob and Jane Leade” = a mysterious romance across the centuries
Synthesizer Multitracking (instrumentals richly recorded)
  1. “Divine Wedding” = stately and classical
  2. “Call of the Past Lives” = powerful world music
  3. “How the West Was Won” = experiments in manifest destiny
  4. “Scalenohedral Love” = techno dance fun
  5. “Dreams of Astral Power” = ambient spaces
Early Experimental music (looser arrangements)
  1. “Ode to a Comely Goldfish (Worship)” = rock and roll for the unrequited fool
  2. “The Flagellant (Discipline)” = obsession from the past
  3. “Innocence Construed (Vision)” = tender introspections