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Sunset near work on August 17, 2010, is amazing, with golden winged forms arcing across the sky.
News from the Return of Hildegard

February 15, 2015: I used to be an obsessive movie reviewer, now I'm more balanced but still enjoy a great flick. Some new favorites have inspired me to design a new concise format for the sharing of movie titles and insights. Check out the movies link for latest additions.

February 8, 2015: Check out my newest song "Inner Balance"! And I added a photo of three compatible philosophers at the bottom of My Story. I haven't updated this site much in 2 years, but life goes on with lots of amazing essays and images at my continuing facebook project

January 12, 2013: Please like and share my latest project of Facebook inspirations at! This is a really cool direction for me, because I get to combine great little photos, quotes, and essays to illustrate a theme in ways that harken back to Hildegard or any other lifetime in which I was free to give a channeled presentation on a topic. This helps me to keep moving forward with my own life lessons that I can share and then let go, with Facebook preserving the result and making it attractively available to the widest audience with easy possibilities for going "viral" at any moment that the universe has a need to raise that particular consciousness. I see a lot of previously scattered and obscure blogs moving to Facebook pages for this reason. Fun stuff!

December 25, 2012: Hurray, we survived the big 2012! The year has been busy and challenging for me, how about you? I've made some great blog entries this year, along with working on my book, my meetup groups, the art show, and personal life lessons (oy that's a big one!) To help us all moving forward, I just uploaded my first big breakout youtube video lecture, entitled "Hildegard of Bingen Christmas message 2012". It's chock full of spiritual advice along with personal sharing, so you can watch it now or download and listen to the podcast at your convenience.

September 17, 2011: The feast day of St. Hildegard, and what have we now? New friends, new possibilities, and old expectations to let go. I've got a meetup group going strong to explore and field test the theories going into my final rewrite for a book, see The annual Mystical Art and Talent Show is just three weeks away and promises to be very very good. I'm experiencing depths of community love that are supporting me through personal disappointments as hinted in a followup I appended to the essay of My Story, and further detailed in my blog. All grist for the mill! When life turns out not as expected, we must have faith in the larger context that will reveal itself, to explain what has happened and how all needs and wants will become even better satisfied. Divine plan updates itself, we must update ourselves with it.

June 1, 2011: Another month later, and what have we got? Emailing, blogging, facebook, and tweets to get the word out about this website! And I'm very excited to be part of the first annual Life Art Heart Expo north of Boston on June 11. There's an incredible roster of speakers, artists, and presenters with the highest of vibrational intentions, and it's all so beautifully sincere, set in a backyard in response to the call of Spirit (they've had events there before, it works). My topic at 5pm "What is Ascension?" will be the last before the 6pm free public ritual for Earth Healing, Channeling, and Energetic Alignment. If you're around stop by, or just enjoy the website connections from a distance. I'll link to notes from my talk here after, and expect it will be a basis for workshops going forward.

May 1, 2011: Happy May Day, I announce on my blog, along with an email template to publicize I'll be getting help to collect an email list for interested parties, as my attention turns for a couple more weeks to sharing music and art on the site in addition to all those long paragraphs. This will further evidence the multimedia value of a website that explains why the energy could not wait for a book, to make the difference in the world this year that I was born to make.

March 23, 2011: Oh look, exactly a month since the last milestone, and I am guided to register the domain My friendship with reincarnation researcher Walter Semkiw, which I have greatly anticipated for so many years, has indeed born great fruit. Since validated in early February by Ahtun Re (Walter's gold standard for reincarnated identities) we can talk like old friends, and I'm reorganizing my life for great expectations. He looks forward to posting my essay on, but he's also so busy with his own projects that it could take a while, hence the need for a new website that I construct to showcase my own story. Walter's a can-do kind of guy, so I'm gratefully inspired and get to work on writing more surrounding material.

February 23, 2011: After months of enjoying a newfound focus to write the book that celebrates and encourages the human ascension process as inspired by my own reincarnated journey, I am concerned that what has been a solid start will take too long to reach the souls awaiting. Validation a few weeks ago by Ahtun Re for who I am gives a sudden burst of clarity to drive a week of autobiographical essaying that weaves to share the magic and synchronicities of my life in a whole new way. The energy concludes on this day called Men's Day in Russia for defenders of the fatherland, appropriate since I will proudly explain my connection to Vladimir Soloviev as much as to Hildegard of Bingen, and all said for the future of the One Earth we must defend together now as the One Humanity.

I love ring tailed lemurs! They remind me of Dr. Seuss, who really tapped into the fairy realm I can tell. I also wrote a very magical personal story involving a ring tailed lemur in 2007, I'll share that someday. This sweetie pie is from the Franklin Park zoo south of Boston, July 25, 2010.

As dusk descends and lights turn on,
one grey goose cloud remains.