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DID YOU KNOW? There aren't as many different people in history as you might think! This is just one of the surprising consequences of reincarnation, the widely held belief that people return in new bodies to continue the work and lessons of their immortal souls. Personally I find this view to be very romantic, because most people fall in love with the same companions time and time again. Souls travel together in profound communities.

Reincarnation is not just a hobby theory or a way to get attention by claiming to be someone famous, although many may have fun treating it this way for a while. Reincarnation is the divine inheritance that reunites people with their right relationships and right careers on their infinite paths as Children of the Universe.

To fully embrace and understand reincarnation testifies not to the ego but rather the release of all ego, for it is only by the greatest of trust and humility that one can accept God's gift of continuing life which forever originates from beyond the reach of all human design.

Think about it; if reincarnation could be shown to be sacred and good and almost certainly true, what part of you would want to stop you from receiving the glorious self that God made for you? A broken ashamed part would hide the true you, but all will be fixed and forgiven when you come Home to your eternal life. Know thyself, and the truth shall set you free.

Reincarnation offers a most beautiful and life-changing perspective that will absolutely help you to understand your natural talents and affections, where you fit in the world, and the true nature of a loving living God. Many many problems in the world today will vanish and be vanquished in the magic and miracles of the diverse global culture that enjoys the real blessings of reincarnation. For example, it is not reincarnation that brings about cycles of revenge, but rather the people who do not understand what it means to be reborn across the cultural divides by the laws of karma, to receive anew the love and loyalty of family and friends on the other side of old conflicts and misunderstanding. Wars can end when we fully appreciate that the groups we hate today will absolutely include our own beloveds tomorrow, for all humanity deserves to become free to love and find itself together. Reincarnation brings awe, forgiving respect, and divine gratitude, that God could be so generous with the gift of precious life.

Each time you reconnect across time and space to another lifetime's version of your own immortal self, however faintly or by full attention, you bring back more awareness of the real essential You that lives in the Love and Light of Heaven on Earth. This happens because between here and there is your Soul at Home with God, complete with all the answers you need to be who you truly are.

My name was Hildegard of Bingen. If you have never heard of her, then that is perfect! You are free to enjoy the ideas and inspirations that my friends and I will share for many years to come. But the challenge and opportunity for me is that many people do know about and respect Hildegard, and I don't want anyone to believe or disbelieve that I was her just because I say so.

Great teacher friend Jesus said "by their fruits you shall know them." Hildegard was a saint from the Middle Ages who cared deeply for the Earth and the future of humanity with God. She was not perfect, she was human; she had her lessons to teach and learn just like everyone else. But what she did good she credited to God, and for this she was remembered and admired.

Thus I am returned and saying so because it is time to speak of reincarnation and profess what it does for the world. For immortal love and wisdom we all thirst, and in these the right fame and fortunes rise to satisfy the hunger of the bodymind. To the ones who know and love you best, you are forever famous in their hearts, and always you belong. Go, and be made whole.

Yes it is the 11th hour for our garden planet - we all see this as the problems pile up and make it harder to get by - so becoming open to divine principles such as reincarnation will help to guide you home to your own future that is joyful, prosperous, and wise. After all that has happened, this was and still is the divine plan. Every human being on the Earth, however lost they may have become, started out as a gift from God, with friends to love and things to do to make the world a better place.

Let us become willing to start again, and give that place of Great Peace a chance. I want to live to see the day when the children will be born into as much love in this world as they knew when they were One with God, and we can honestly turn to them and say:

Welcome Home Dear One, Welcome Home.

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