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Ruins of the Rupertsberg abbey that Hildegard's community built on the Rhine river
Your Thoughts and Feelings Matter

by Carl Johann Schroeder

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Where the rivers dont flow,
because the people wont go
to where the angels know
to let their fertile tears sow
the ground where others will grow.

What for one heart shall weep
so many more to follow may reap,
Id wade into that deep
just a promise to keep:
Id watch over your sleep.

On the day that you rise
what shall greet your eyes
but this love surprise:
you were the greatest song
that was sung all along.

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"Your Thoughts and Feelings Matter" came to me on August 4, 1998. The idea here is that I was working with people's higher selves, and seeing how the energy stops at the personality level, and how difficult and sad that can be, when people cut themselves off from the flow of the universe. You can see it all too easily, if you're just open to the idea that people have higher selves that connect all the way up to God. If you hold good intentions and speak to people in your mind, they will unconsciously move to assist you in your goals. But as soon as you reveal more of the divine plan than they want to hear, they will shut themselves and you down, and move into the space of inverted truths where you can still be assisted if you do not disallow the pain of their choice to disengage themselves and others from life energy. Do not let them take you prisoner! Go to the new benefactor, return home to God with a new friend as the choices require. If you can hold compassion for the suffering ones, you may enter the angelic realm where the higher beings weep for what is still being lost. These tears are shed to moisten the ground here below for emotional awakenings in future times. We are reminded of Christ's sacrifice, given to redeem and enlighten us all into the new age, of the second coming of the human which becomes divine. In this way you need not wait to become one of the blessed blessing ones who watch over the sleep of the unawakened, holding the comfort of subtle reassurances that add your voice to the heavenly choir which sings "we shall ever love you precious one, so that when you decide to rise to your true destiny, then shall you see how great and dear you always were to those whom your higher self has already forever loved."

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