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Innocence Construed (Vision)
by Carl Johann Schroeder

I say I don't recall, but I know that I can't forget.
I say I've never cared, but I know that I care for you.
I say I am found, but I know I am lost without you.
I say I've never loved, but I know that I love you.

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"My dears, I will tell you now, that the secret key to all relationships is that they are based on the attraction to pieces of your own Soul, which is infinite and beautiful. You cannot desire that which does not carry something of you to return to you, and that is good, for if you were not invested in all relationships with a piece of yourself then they would be meaningless and indeed imperceptible. Those who oppose their own journey Home will be attracted to opponents, and the more you embrace the endless gift of discovering who you truly are then the more you will be met by the most adorable adoring friends of the infinite Source of all Love, which begins within your own self after all.

Of course you are not the totality of God, as some might take the shortcut to saying in hopes of empowerment, but rather you are more like the sacred vehicles of God, and thus God is indeed within you. How much you wish to allow God to manifest through you to your own greater delight will always be your choice. In the unmanifest perfection of the ultimate Spirit we are all One, and it is there we all go to receive the energy granted us most generously by the loving living Source to achieve the best outcome for all of our desires. The more that we can want the highest good of all, the more we can expect the miracles of love. The energy from the Source is pure and divine, without form or judgment, applicable to whatever reality we have taken action to construct. This energy is a living tender portion of the One, and into our lives of differentiated forms we carry it, not always knowing to whom it may belong, or when and how it will be shared.

Those who trust the Source of All Oneness know that the energy granted them will help them manifest the joys of more Oneness in their lives, by leading them into new dimensions of relationship and discovery with the greatest companions of the infinite journey Home. Harmonies of cooperation and functioning as One will bring endless virtues of delights to the manifested forms. Those who oppose the joys of Oneness from mistaken impressions of the ego will at some point turn on themselves and all who follow them, and yet still they cannot stop the flow of truth as they evidence what they have become. Only those who oppose something in themselves will be attracted to these agents of internal strife.

That which refreshes us in beauty, gentleness, and grace, such as the flower by the mountain stream or the ocean waves, restores the weary soul most literally. Another piece of our infinite soul is returned to us by a carrier of love, and we will remember and treasure them always more the deeper that we let them in to give the gift they held. Gratitude is such a joy.

When we fall in love, we are meeting a companion of the light who received a piece of ourselves from the One because it matched with their own truth and love. In the One, we do not distinguish whose energy it is that ignites the image of our soul which we have collected thus far, we only feel passion for that which enlivens us. Thus the adventure of the traveller, or the art of the master, or the beauty of the beloved to whom we respond is the energy of our own adventure, art and beauty as well, for they centered us on Home.

To celebrate the recognition of Source Love, souls make the journey into differentiated forms. It is in the process of individuation that we begin to meet others apart from us who will become our greatest friends as we exchange with them by natural attractions the gifts that clarify the roles we each have to play in the endless beautiful scenes of the manifested One. The Source thus calls together the perfect companions to make the most and best of every conceivable situation, every opportunity to exist, each and every holy creche.

Fear not then to fall in love, for it will be the downfall of every tyrant, and the upliftment of every angelic form. Confessing and expressing love is the journey Home. To feel love is the gift exchange between your soul and the soul of another, as the other's soul is returning to you an image of what your soul was made to love, and your soul is making itself known as it enters more into your form. Only remember to attribute the love you feel to your own willingness to love as you become your soul, and let the process of individuation run its course. The one for whom you felt love naturally held something for you on your journey Home, but now having learned more of what was held, you each will make your own decisions as to who or what you will become. You will each become as real and free as you alone choose to experience; love is growth opportunity, and there is no growing for another.

Love you feel that is unreciprocated and unrequited will show that you are opposing some step of the divine differentiation in yourself. You have so much more to become than stuck on one who cannot or will not receive the gifts you have to give; you may receive well that part of your soul they gave you occasion to feel, and you may offer back a piece of their soul with infinite care and compassion, but if they reject that part of themselves then they will reject you and be done. The misunderstandings that in their minds justify their rejections of better outcomes may be painful to endure, so let it be their gift to you when they say no to receiving any more from or for you, so you can feel the basis of attraction fade and perceive where new to go. Thus do people fall in and out of love, but the infinite universe awaits with more ready forms. Meeting companions who increasingly choose to enter into relationships with you of ongoing energy exchange will show that you are on your way to Eternal Love.

Soulmates are the blessed ones who agree to manifest compatibly when ready to endlessly retrieve and receive more and more soul for each other. The undying consequent attraction is rewarded with the intimate pleasures of infinite discovery together: the sumptuous and sensuous realities of cocreative existence. In the One that is both masculine and feminine and dwells in loving unity, we are thus each and every individual created in the likeness of God to experience that the love of the Goddess is most personal and has never left our side."

in love, Hildegard

"Innocence Construed (Vision)" music and lyrics by Carl Johann Schroeder, copyright 1987, all rights reserved, downloadable version for personal use only, no resale or commercial rights implied. Photo of cardinal after Christmas, Stanfordville, NY, December 29, 2010. Text and photo copyright Carl Johann Schroeder.
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