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Divine Wedding

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One of the last Kurzweil songs I worked on in late 1997 before discovering that I was Hildegard. The piano theme of the second movement came to me as a comfort in college some 12 years prior. The song expresses the majestic eternal love of soulmates reuniting, something I felt long before experiencing manifestly. Thank you God for so changing my life.

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"Divine Wedding" music by Carl Johann Schroeder, copyright 1997, all rights reserved, downloadable version for personal use only, no resale or commercial rights implied. Star kissing clouds seen on July 22, 2010 directly over Wonderland, the station at the end of Boston's blue line (for a sweet Boston romantic comedy try "Next Stop Wonderland"). Angel statue photos from the Don Orione shrine of the 35 foot Madonna above Logan Airport. Images copyright Carl Johann Schroeder.

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