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Be The Difference

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How many of us want to make the world a better place, stand up and raise your hands? Yes!! We can do it my friends, and we are doing it, by becoming the new people for the New Earth. You, dear one, are the greatest gift to God and yourself that you have ever known; dare to discover your original Self. "Be the change you want to see in the world," said Mahatma Ghandi. For thousands of years, you have prepared for this day, for this place, for this life. Dare to feel so much love, dare to be so much light!

Chords: Am – G – D – A, ex: (Am) What would I (G) do if I (D) made art all the (A) time?
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"Be The Difference"

by Carl Johann Schroeder

What would I do if I made art all the time?
Would it make a difference, would it even rhyme?
Actually I tried it once, it wasn’t all sublime.
You can wait a long long while, for the wrong sign.

And what would we do if we made love all the time?
Sanctified most properly by thees, thous, and thines.
Connected near and far, your temple is my shrine.
Would it be from God, or just another crime?

And what would they do if we turned this world around?
Stood up for the poor, the low and beaten down.
And the guns never once again made a sound.
Do they know the heaven that still can be found?

We who followed leaders from great heights to great falls
know the dreams yet to be dreamt, as they held us in their thrall.
Too much have I seen to be here with you all.
I thank you very much, for answering the call!

And what would we do if we made peace all the time?
Art and love and unity, patterns of divine
energies beyond compare, though comparing’s fine.
Which golden rule you follow makes the difference in your mind.

"Be the Difference" lyrics and music by Carl Johann Schroeder, March 2009 - copyright 2009, all rights reserved, when credited and not altered then permission is granted for public performance and free distribution of text to that end, no resale or commercial rights implied, contact author for further details. In other words, in the spirit of a good protest song, sing it loud, pass it on!

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