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Art for the Soul of Hildegard

Hildegard was known for startling illuminations of her mystical visions, but she probably didn't draw the pictures you've seen. Here's a link back to my comments on that issue, and below are some neat little graphics I made for a 1998 tribute website that show my style of conceptual depiction for fun and revelation. I never claimed to be that good; I love to leave fine art to the fine artists. It's important to learn to be creative together! My friend Carla told me that Rudolf Steiner says in the future all art will be created in community experiences, even more so apparently than the larger scale projects like theatre, film, symphony, and architecture which traditional require coordinated group effort.

  1. Hildegard's Flying Heart

  2. Heart Yin Yang

  3. Like a Roc

  4. Cosmic Egg

  5. Madonna in the Wheel

  6. Aligning Spheres

  7. Nature Mandala