Painting by Margot Brown: "Lady of the Lake"
It's the Mystical Art & Talent Show!
Saturday 7pm
October 1, 2005

The unique Soul Stirring mystical variety shows continue to give hope for a future of diversity in inspiration. Drawing upon dreams, meditations, religion, nature, and more: a full evening's presentation of an amazing variety of original paintings, stories, theatre, and song by many local spiritual artists.

The 2005 show has gathered a great variety of healing musicians along with dancers and poets. Painters you have never seen before will be displaying too. So join us for a rare opportunity to find inspiration and friendship with fellow seekers who have something transcendent to say with their creativity!

Saturday, Oct 1, 2005 at 7pm-9:30pm
(your $5-$10 sliding scale admission will help defray many costs)
Cambridge Swedenborg Chapel, 50 Quincy St. Cambridge, MA. This a lovely Gothic stone chapel across from Harvard's Sanders Theatre (Memorial Hall) in Harvard Square.
(Not wheelchair accessible yet, sorry.)

• series info and art online at !

Presenters scheduled include: Music: Beth Ashton (singer/songwriter), Improvelocity (improvisational performance troupe), De Luna (peace music with harp/flute), Rami (healing chant with multiphonic voice), Sharon Linnea Smith (singing the galactic lullaby), Michelle Herrera and Michael O'Leary and Ben Sheppard (sound healing) - - Theatre/Ritual: Elisabeth Ward Taylor, Karen Wallen - - Poetry: Rachel Cunningham-Lyons - - Visual Art: Sean Bertram, Margot Brown, Linda Clave, Carol Dearborn, Deanna Devaney, Margaret Soltysik-Espanola, Gitama Kinigstein, Carla Mattioli, Sharon Linnea Smith, Maria Termini, Betty Wiberg , Brenda Wiberg